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ALI, a 14 year old male from miami beach asks on November 20, 2001,

1)What type salary does internal medicine make? 2)What kind of education is needed for internal medicine?

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The answer

Barry Shell answered on November 19, 2001

By going to www.google.com and typing in "salary jobs" I found many sites that lead to lists of salaries in various fields. For physicians a list is published by Merritt Hawkins, a job-finding company. In US$, physicians specializing in internal medicine generate revenue of about $1.5M/year, but out of this must come the expenses to run the practice. The minimum education required to obtain a medical specialty like internal medicine typically includes 2 years premedicine with general science courses, followed by a 4 year medical program at a university, then internship for a year or so, followed by at least 2 years coursework and 3 years training in the specialty, usually as a resident in a hospital. So this makes a grand total of 11 years. It could take longer. Also, note that during the internship years, and the residency years, you earn money at a reduced salary--but still very good compared to other jobs.

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