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Zach, a 16 year old male from Greenwood, Nova Scotia asks on September 6, 2006,

Hi, I was just wondering, I wanted to get into the whole biology scheme of things when I get older but I don't know where to get information about what kind of "trade" if you will, that I want to do, I enjoy microbiology and stuff like that. I would like to be involoved in the Canadian federal governments CDC when I mature but i just need some help finding information on this topic.

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Barry Shell answered on September 6, 2006

One good place to look is Working in Canada. This is a Canadian government website that helps you learn about future career possibilities in Canada. From that site you may find your way to the Canadian Occupational Projection System, which shows that Canada will have a good supply of biologists to fill the job openings at the time (2010).

To be honest, it's too early for you to be specific about what you want to do for a career. Just work hard and do well in high-school science classes. Then take introductory science courses at university or community college, perhaps specializing in biology but not neglecting chemistry and physics (because you'll need both of those in biology). At university, or even in your last year of high school try to get summer jobs in labs at universities or biotech companies in your area. This will also give you more ideas about the "biology scheme of things". The main point is: you have lots of time, so don't worry about it.


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