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Lu Chen, a 12 year old male from the Internet asks on April 28, 1999,

Where could I find some interesting facts and pictures on Christa McAuliffe?

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The answer

Barry Shell answered on April 28, 1999

In 1986 Christa McAuliffe stepped from the classroom into history. She was an ordinary citizen who was an extraordinary teacher, and her journey into space ended in tragedy 73 seconds after lift-off, when the space shuttle Challenger exploded, killing her and the six other astronauts aboard.

Ms. McAuliffe was to be the first civilian in space, an ordinary citizen who was also a good speaker and who could help rekindle the excitement that had once surrounded the space program. President Reagan made the decision that the first ordinary American to travel on board a space shuttle would be "one of America's finest, a teacher." A Social Studies teacher from Concord High School in Concord, New Hampshire, Ms. McAuliffe was considered by her students to be an "inspirational human being, a marvelous teacher who made their lessons come alive." She was chosen out of 11,500 applicants to fly into space. On January 28, 1986, her trip into space ended in tragedy. However, her mission continues. Christa's motto was "I touch the future, I teach", and she is teaching us still. Christa's mission continues at the Christa McAuliffe Planetarium in New Hampshire, which was erected in her memory. More information:

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