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Suzanne Hamricks, a 52 year old female from the Internet asks on August 25, 1999,


I gave a child up for adoption in 1966. I have found someone who might be my child. She has type "A" positive blood and I have type "O" negative blood. Is it possible that she could be my child? What would the father's blood type have to be to make her a match?

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Barry Shell answered on August 25, 1999, A:

Knowing that you get one chromosome from your mom and one from your dad, you can figure out what the possible blood type is. People with blood type A can have either two A chromosomes (AA), or one A and one O chromosome (AO). Since we already know you are type O, then the father must be type A. If you find out the supposed father is not type A and you are sure about everything else, then this person is not your daughter.

David Malone answered on May 25, 2004, A:

The Father can have two blood types. Type A from the combination AA or AO. He could also be type AB.

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