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Jethin Prakash, a 39 year old male from Kochi, Kerala, India asks on January 22, 2012,

THE BIG SPILL (An alternate proposal) Space, Time and matter expanding from a tiny spot as formulated in the big bang theory still looks to be confined especially to the question of where and how all the stuff came for the bang.

What if the universe that we see is a part of a recycler that creates a multiverse and our universe is just one of numerous other universes? A universe like the one we live in could emerge from the tip of a crater of an ultimate system of all creations wherein matter in the form of pure energy is spurted out from a central cauldron holding finite quantum of energy at enormous pressure and temperature. Like a lava flow, energy from this casing could escape through vents in the space-time fabric at higher dimensions, thus creating maybe three or multidimensional universes.

Studies on CMB radiation and the results therein leading to inflation theory of sudden expansion still call for more observational validations. Could this sudden expansion of our universe be triggered by the super charged energy outflow at tremendous pressure and temperature from an extra dimensional boiler? What happens to all the matter that falls into a black hole? Spaghettification, singularity, black hole evaporation and what more, all such possibilities have been studied but still there is something missing. Should there be a link between singularity and big bang elsewhere; may be a link that is routed through that ultimate crucible of all creations?

Like a reservoir, matter in its pure energy form could be encased in such a place from where the distribution starts to create different universes. The feeding source into it could be black holes pulling in materials from their own universes, stripping to its primal form and gushing into the mother pot. Is our universe a part of that energy-matter recycler that has been going on indefinitely?

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Clive “Double D” Dave Devlin, BA, LL.B, OMG, etc. answered on January 23, 2012

You propose an alternate explanation for the start of the universe, and name it the Big Spill. If I were less of a scientist, the name itself would have me reject your idea out of hand, as a spill is a mess to be cleaned up, while a bang is a loud noise, indicating something impressive has just occurred. Spill = Housework, Bang = Party. But moving along:

Your statement that  “…Studies on CMB radiation… still call for more observational validation…” is valid, and being acted upon. The Planck spacecraft is looking into it, for example. Note: CMB (cosmic microwave background) radiation is held up as radiation left over from an early stage in the development of the universe, and its discovery is considered a landmark test of the Big Bang model of the universe. 

It’s like a photo of my dad’s cigar butts, empty beer cans, and open cowboy novel in the family room; not a picture of the thing itself, but you get a good idea of what was there.

Before we drink a Big Bhang lassi and float down the river of speculation about the mechanics and physical starting point of our universe, let us instead consider the more important, more interesting, and unanswerable question that you bring up: Where does the BB material-creating  "...ultimate system of all creations..." come from? Passing it off as "pure energy" or "other-dimensional" is intellectually naughty, Jethin.  

Where did the very, very first bit of physical stuff come from? One must choose the unsatisfying, but rational answer, “I dunno”, or the comforting but untestable response, “God”. Let’s split the difference, and agree that no-one knows yet, except maybe God(s), but he/she/they have been pretty quiet on the subject.


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