Frère (Conrad Kirouac) Marie-Victorin Botany

Founded the famous Montreal Botanical Gardens

The Story

Frère Marie-Victorin was the name in religion of Conrad Kirouac. He entered the Order of the Roman Catholic Brothers of the Christian Schools in 1901 at age 16. He was educated at the University of Montreal and became Professor of Botany there in 1920. He was a founder and director of the Montreal Botanical Institute in 1922, as well as founder of the Montreal Botanical Gardens in 1936. He is the author of many works, including his authoritative book on Quebec’s botany, La Flore Laurentienne—917 pages filled with 2,800 illustrations. As a major political and intellectual figure in Quebec, Marie-Victorin was honoured with the Prix David in 1923 and 1931

Sources: The Canadian Encyclopedia 1985, Encyclopedia Canadiana 1977, NRC Hall of Fame

The Person

April 3, 1885
Date of Death
July 15, 1944
Place of Death
Kingsey Falls, Quebec
Botanist; Professor
University of Montreal
Last Updated
October 15, 2001

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