Frank Dawson Adams Geochemistry and Geochronology

Founder of modern structural geology; Canada’s most eminent geologist prior to 1950

The Story

Adams specialized in the detailed description and classification of rocks, known as the science of petrography. His revolutionary work on the flow of brittle rocks established him as the founder of modern structural geology. He was a member of the Geological Survey of Canada, and in addition to teaching at McGill for thirty years he served as Dean of Applied Science (1905-19) and acting principal and VP (1919-22).

Adams was also a committed educator. Following the First World War he became deputy director of Khaki University, an innovative Canadian plan to help demobilized troops further their education. In 1938, he published his definitive history of geology The Birth and Development of the Geological Sciences.

Source: The Canadian Encyclopedia year 2000 edition

The Person

September 17, 1859
Montréal, QC
Date of Death
December 26, 1942
Place of Death
Montréal, QC
Logan Professor of Geology
McGill University
  • PhD (Geology) University of Heidelberg
Last Updated
September 24, 2001

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