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In the portion of my research program directed at the ecology of Mustelidae, one study is examining use of old-growth and young seral stages by pine marten. In another study we are developing and testing a habitat suitability index model for pine marten. This research will provide understanding of pine marten populations and guidelines for the management of pine marten in forests.

In the vertebrae pest management portion of my research program, we are investigating factors that affect foraging behavior and habitat use. One study is investigating the behavior of voles as mediated by predator odors. Other studies are examining life histories of wildlife to determine parameters that contribute to pest behavior. This research will allow development of ecologically based methods for controlling wildlife damage to forest and agricultural crops.

Career ideas:

  • Government paleontologist
  • University professor
  • Laboratory scientist
  • Chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and pulp/paper industries staff scientist
  • Petroleum/mining consultant
  • Private consulting scientist

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Professor Emeritus of Biology
  • PhD UBC 1979
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December 6, 2011

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