Boris Peter Stoicheff General Physics, Subatomic Particles, Optics, Biophysics, Theoretical Physics

Discovered inverse Raman effect spectroscopy

The Story

Stoicheff came to Canada in 1931. He discovered generation of sound by light, and the inverse Raman effect. His research interests include lasers, atomic and molecular spectroscopy and structure, light scattering processes, two photon absorption, and nonlinear optics. Before joining the faculty at the University of Toronto, Professor Stoicheff had been a Research Officer in the Physics Division of the National Research Council, Ottawa where, in late 1960, he built Canada's first lasers. He has received the Gold Medal of the Canadian Association of Physicists, the Tory Medal of the Royal Society of Canada, and the Ives and Meggers Medals of the Optical Society of America.

Sources: Canadian Who’s Who 1993

The Person

June 1, 1924
Bitol, Yugoslavia
Physicist; Professor Emeritus
University of Toronto
  • BASc University of Toronto, 1947
  • MA University of Toronto, 1948
  • PhD University of Toronto, 1950
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September 17, 2001

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