Myer Bloom General Physics, Subatomic Particles, Optics, Biophysics, Theoretical Physics

A pioneer in the field of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance who is now applying his expertise to the study of biological membranes.

The Story

Bloom came to the Department of Physics at UBC in 1957. His work there and at universities at Leyden, Harvard, Kyoto, Paris, Sydney, Rome and Denmark explored the molecular properties of matter using the technique of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR).

At UBC, Bloom used his knowledge of NMR to establish the new interdisciplinary field of Biophysics, the study of the physical properties of biological membranes. This collaborative program combined the expertise of faculty in the fields of Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Medicine. Bloom’s innovative combination of physical and biological sciences led to the establishment of a new Canadian Institute for Advanced Research program on the Science of Soft Materials and Interfaces, with a team of scientists from Canada, Europe, and the United States.

Bloom retired in 1993, but continues to make significant contributions to NMR work on soft tissue structures, including insights into the organization of matter by nature through the process of evolution.

Sources: UBC Physics and Astronomy News, July 2000, Concordia University website, UBC Department of Physics website

The Person

Montréal, Québec
Vancouver, BC
Other Interests
Wine making, squash and skiing; active member of the Science for Peace organization and helped to write an analysis of the SDI proposal.
Professor Emeritus of Physics and Astronomy
Department of Physics, University of British Columbia
  • BSc, McGill, 1949
  • MSc, McGill, 1950
  • PhD (Physics), U of Illinois, 1954
  • DS, UBC, 2000
  • Postdoct, Leyden U 1954-56
  • Steacie Prize, 1968
  • Jacob Biely Prize, 1969
  • Killam Memorial Prize for Natural Sciences (Canada Council)
  • CAP Gold Medal, 1973
  • FRSC, CIAR Fellow
  • Chairman's Award for Career Achievement (Science Council of BC), 1992
Last Updated
October 3, 2011

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