David H. Sinclair General Physics, Subatomic Particles, Optics, Biophysics, Theoretical Physics

Driving force at Canada's Sudbury Neutrino Observatory

"Canada has such a strong program in subatomic physics encompassing the whole spectrum of nuclear physics because there are so many very accomplished scientists working in this field."

The Story


 Sinclair's work addressing fundamental questions in elementary particle physics, astrophysics and the evolution of the universe paved the way in turning the Sudbury Neutrino observatory experiment into a permanent underground facility. As principle investigator for the SNOLAB project and founder of the SNO group at Carleton, he managed awards totalling $65 million for the design, construction and early operation of the facility.

Dr. Sinclair returned to Canada to participate in the SNO project after 16 years of teaching and research at Oxford University. At Oxford, he researched the structure of nuclei and also designed the first dedicated carbon-dating facility which was used to date the Shroud of Turin.



The Person

Professor emeritus
Carleton University
  • Fellow of the Royal Society, 2004
  • NSERC Polyani Award, 2007
  • Canadian Association of Physicists TRIUMF Vogt medal, 2011
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February 5, 2018

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